Prologic Frame-X 1 man Bivvy

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PLEASE NOTE: UK Participants only.. Due to the ongoing shipping issues with regards to Brexit this product cannot be shipped outside the UK. Cash alternatives can be offered to any participants outside of the UK.

The first thing you’ll likely notice about the Prologic Frame-X Bivvy is also the feature that gives it its name. The X-shaped frame design is completely unique to Prologic and it provides a number of benefits over traditional frame designs. The first of these will become apparent as you soon as you begin bivvy construction. By slotting together the ribs at their two break points and placing the front rib in the rear ring (and the back rib in the front ring) you’ll notice that the bivvy is completely self standing. It does come with a tension strap to give it additional structural support but, unlike a traditional twin rib design, it doesn’t require the tension strap in order to stand upright. The second benefit of the X-shaped frame design is obvious as soon as the wind picks up. This is an incredibly sturdy frame – significantly more so than any other twin rib frame on the market – and it ensure that your bivvy is completely structurally sound in all weather conditions.

The Prologic Frame-X Bivvy also comes supplied with two tension poles, which provide further support to the bivvy. The largest of these stretches from the front rib to the rear, holding the fabric between the two completely taut and ensuring that you don’t experience any sagging – even in heavy rain. The smaller of the two fits between the front pole and the storm peak, ensuring that the storm peak is secured in position. This peak is ideal for use year round, as it helps to keep the sun off the open door of the bivvy, as well as preventing rain from driving into the bivvy. This storm peak is fronted with a short fibreglass pole. This pole is significantly lighter in weight than the traditional additional ribs used to give storms peaks structure, lowering the overall weight of the bivvy and further assisting with your speedy setup. The flat back design of the bivvy ensures that you’re able to fit the largest bed chairs on the market neatly into the rear of your Prologic Frame-X Bivvy. This still leaves you with loads of space for the storage of all your other fishing tackle essentials, such as your trolley, your tackle box, and any other luggage that you require.

The door of the bivvy comes with three cover options. The first of these is the traditional solid front. Windproof and waterproof, this is the perfect front for overnight use in the howling winds and driving rain. The second option is a clear PVC window. This is every bit as weather resistant as the solid front, however this time it allows light to enter the bivvy, which is ideal if you’re sheltering in your bivvy in the day time but you still want to remain aware of the conditions outside in your swim. The final option is a classic mosquito mesh. This is a superb front option for all your summer angling, when you want to enjoy blissful cool air whilst also remaining protected against any nasty mosquito bites. If none of these options suit your needs, you can also remove the front of the shelter entirely. This transforms your setup into an open fronted day shelter, which is ideal for your shorter sessions and your quick overnight trips.

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