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Catch Of The Week

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Upload your winners photos or your catch of the week entries below !

NAME: Chris Craine

SIZE: An awesome 23.10lb mirror, Well in bud!

NAME: Peter Hatton

SIZE: 38.5lb beauty of an English carp, top angling Peter!

NAME: Jake wells


NAME: Rok Kovacic

SIZE: A whopper of a carp in temperatures down to -7 Degrees

NAME: Nick Tsalikidis

SIZE: Stunning common, Top angling Nick

NAME: Darren Rice

SIZE: 64lb whopper from cedars lake, Quality angling Darren!

NAME: Luke Lawry Johns

SIZE: With a lovely leather carp, top angling bud!

NAME: Andy Brooks

SIZE: Stunning little character, great angling Andy

NAME: Ben Jacklin

SIZE: 30lb Pb Mirror Carp, Top angling Ben!

NAME: Gary Williams


NAME: Carl Palmer

SIZE: With a Lovely Winter Mirror caught in freezing temperatures! Top Angling Carl

NAME: Rich Junipe

SIZE: A Big Belly common caught in the dark of night! Top Angling bud!

NAME: Sean Connor

SIZE: A Lovely Prestine Mirror, Great Angling Sean!

NAME: Tarren Shaw


NAME: Marc Pujol


NAME: Jens Röben


NAME: Paul Mciminn

SIZE: With a beast of a common, great photo!

NAME: David Swallow

SIZE: A Pristine dark beauty of a carp, top angling David!

NAME: Daniel Teuma

SIZE: What an absolute monster of a Catfish!!

NAME: Anthony Perri

SIZE: Lovely Mirror Carp caught in the Dark, great angling Anthony

NAME: David Moncaster


NAME: Keith Jones

SIZE: A Lovely Dark common with a big belly, top angling Keith!

NAME: Dan Dale

SIZE: A Lovely plump leather carp, great angling bud!

NAME: Ryan

SIZE: A Lovely looking 17lb Mirror Carp

NAME: Rogan

SIZE: With a Gorgeous 28lb 4oz Mirror

NAME: Mark Langford Rotton

SIZE: An absolute beast of a carp, Great Angling Mark!

NAME: Mark Cox

SIZE: His new PB of 29lb, Great Angling Mark!

NAME: David Monaghan

SIZE: A whopper of a Mirror!

NAME: Charlie Cox

SIZE: Beautiful Scales on this mid-double.

NAME: Steven Charles

SIZE: 57lb Beauty From France

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